Tom Baumann


Tom Baumann is an Associate Professor at the University of the Fraser Valley and Proprietor of Baumann Nursery. Tom has an MSc. in Horticulture from UBC and a Master’s in Agriculture from Justus von Liebig University in GieBen Germany. With over 27 years of experience, Tom specializes in greenhouse operations, field trials, research and consulting. He has worked extensively with various Licensed Producers to assist in building, operating and expanding operations. Tom has been teaching at the University of the Fraser Valley (“UFV”) since 1991 and has been in charge of UFV’s greenhouse and field operations in Chilliwack, Langley and Qualicum. Tom specializes in cannabis and has previously served as the President of Expert Agriculture Team Ltd. (“EAT”), a research and consulting company that provides expertise to numerous growers in the Fraser Valley. Furthermore, Tom has refined his skills while working with both Tilray and Emerald Health Therapeutics.

Shafin Diamond


Shafin launched his first company from his university dorm room at the age of 19. Since then, he’s launched over 40 start-ups, in 24 different countries, generating over $100M in sales. His most recent success, Victory Square (VS), is a venture builder that builds start-ups in the web, mobile, gaming and film spaces. With a special focus on funding socially responsible companies, international start-ups and female founders. Shafin has received numerous awards, with the most recent acknowledgements being: Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award 2015, National EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Special Citation recipient for Advancing Entrepreneurship 2015, EY Technology Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, Startup Canada Award for Entrepreneur Support, Canadian Angel Investor of the Year 2015, BC Angel Investor of the Year 2014, BIV’s Top Forty Under 40, and SBBC Best Company in BC.

Matthew Durrant


Matt is an industry leader in Canada when it comes to cannabis cultivation. He has extensive experience with ACMPR Licensed Producers and has worked with organizations across the Country. Matt’s focus is on producing high quality cannabis at low cost. Furthermore, Matt specializes in training and educating LP’s on maximizing quality and yield, processing techniques and risk mitigation. With an eye on the future, Matt will brings valuable insight to GrowX and will bean integral part of the team.

Jeremy Volkins


Jeremy Volkins is a Principal Operator at Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd., an ACMPR Licensed Producer of medical cannabis in Canada. Jeremy’s family-owned and operated production facility is state-of-art and adheres to strict protocols on cultivating and processing product to insure it meets the highest standards in the world. His innovation combined with in-depth agricultural experience enhances Agro’s ability to cultivate quality medical cannabis.

In 2016 Agro-Greens provided advice on the design of a new legislative and regulatory framework for legal access to cannabis, consistent with the Government’s commitment to “legalize, regulate, and restrict access.” Specifically, Agro’s focus was and continues to be, on strategies to overcome opioid addiction. Jeremy and his team will provide GrowX with additional insight into Health Canada requirements, standards and know-how. Working with an already established AMCPR Licensed Producer affords GrowX the ability to proactively anticipate and overcome common hurdles faced by other Licensed Producers. GrowX believes a long-term relationship with Agro-Greens will provide on-going synergies in the area’s of cultivation, processing and distribution for both recreational and medical cannabis.

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