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GrowX Global provides a platform for micro-cultivators that need assistance with regulatory compliance, distribution, and financing.

Simple solutions for complex problems

What are SOPs? How detailed does the licence application have to be? How frequently does Health Canada inspect the facility?

The Cannabis Industry is a complex environment. We know it! That’s why we provide help to individuals that just want to grow well-crafted cannabis. We have the resources and expertise for successful licensing, so let us help you.

Why trust GrowX?

GrowX is uniquely positioned within the Cannabis community due to:

  • Decades of experience in law enforcement experience.
  • Intimate understanding of the forces guiding the public policy behind the cannabis file.
  • Devotion to health and safety both in regards to production and distribution.

So is this opportunity for you?

GrowX is looking for Growers who need support on activities such as: licensing, logistics, and financing. GrowX encourages to focus their energy on developing the craft, innovating the cultivation processes and fine tuning their techniques.

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